Introducing 5/2/2010

Recently I created a site for my mom called It is a portfolio site for her artwork. She mostly works with clay doing ...


Refactoring: C# Replace Temp With Query 3/3/2010

Temporary variables are a mainstay of poorly thought out programs. They are easy to throw in increase clarity slightly at first and then cause confusion ...


Refactoring: Python Extract Method 2/20/2010

Another post in my Refactoring series. This time it is the Python equivalent of the most common and simple refactoring you can do, Extract Method ...


Assassins Creed 2 10/10 2/12/2010

Another review for a game that has been out for months thanks to GameFly being how I get my games.

The first Assassins Creed was ...


Refactoring: C# Extract Method 1/24/2010

Refactoring is the process of changing code for the sole purposes of improving maintainability usually by making the code more readable. Martin Fowler describes the ...


Spiral 1/17/2010

This death spiral of a route is a lot of road so there are a lot of creeps to make up for that. Watch out for the big punch at the end.


ClipX 1/16/2010

Every once in a while a program comes out that increases your productivity ten-fold and changes how you use a computer forever. A few months ...


DllImport and Marshalling Structures 1/14/2010

In a previous post I mentioned how to use PInvoke to access native code from your managed C# app. In this example I will show ...


Two Roads 1/9/2010

Two separate paths spell certain geometric doom. This Tower D level forces you to split up your defense.


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